Social Media Influencers are Changing the World

The landscape of advertising, marketing, and media continues to be redefined as brands reinvent the manner in which they effectively reach their target audience. In the world of marketing we have transformed from traditional marketing to the revolutionary Influencer Marketing.

AirGuide Travel Media is a company on the forefront of this marketing revolution, as an agent representing successful social media influencers and paring them with brands and campaigns. The LAB Miami based company has found success through analytics, utilizing a bot to track and analyze just how influential they are on social platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. The bot also uses an algorithm to track exactly how fast an influencer is projected to grow over time.

Discovering the right influencers can make or break your campaign. Reach a unique community of 2M+ influencers and micro influencers (100,000+ micro YouTubers from 3k to 150K subscribers) with over 1 billion collective subscribers.

Through data analytics, we are able to target specific demographics successfully, making social media influencers a much more effective and trackable form of advertising for brands and in turn “…a more personalized and close relationship to the audience.” The appeal of “social advertising” is it creates a more natural interaction between a brand and potential client.

Geo-Targeted Advertising – Local or Global
Social Media Network & Sponsored Content
At Airlines Lounges & Inflight or Hotels or High-Speed Rail

Reach your audience at the right time, at the right place. Send offers + campaigns, target travelers by destination, city, airport, airline, hotel, cruise line, rail line, where they live, specific location or  targeting criteria. We provide real-time marketing with personalized ads which is proven to increase conversation rates much more than any other advertising method.

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