Company Overview

Pyramid Travel Tech & Media’s objective is to elevate the global travel experience by providing superior technology and content for an effortless journey for passengers. Our focus is on the total travel experience in order to enhance every moment, anywhere, anytime, on all available platforms.

“My goal is to create a seamless digital experience for global travelers. We are getting closer than ever to accomplish this goal by working very closely with our tech, content and distribution partners to deliver what passengers want, when they want it on any device anywhere.” AirGuide & Pyramid Media Group CEO Aram Gesar

We are an international technology company offering high-quality products and professional IT services tailored to the travel industry. Our modular and highly customizable product portfolio focuses on a holistic customer experience, providing guests with a seamless and personalized experience anytime, anywhere. The products and services we provide are in two distinct groups:

Travel Technology & Content Services
Entertainment Platforms
Content Services
Advertising Server Solutions
Connected Customer Experience

Travel Media Network
At Airlines Lounges & Inflight, InHotels
Geo-Targeting & Geo-Fencing Travelers
Social Media Network & Sponsored Content

We provide the tools and distribution to serve the right content at the right time and the right place with innovative technology engaging millions of travelers wherever they are. We have developed very effective platforms with limitless potential to achieve this end. Every aspect of the travel experience covered whether at the airport, inflight, at the hotel or on a train or cruise.

Our History

Pyramid Media Group was established in New York in 1992 with the merger of Pyramid Graphics & Publishing (electronic, multimedia and print publications) and Pyramid Productions (photo, film and TV video production and programming) and it opened its first Internet site in 1995. It acquired Air Travel Media in 2006 to enhance and broaden its content and markets by reaching a cruise, destination, hotel and resorts audience. Since 2007, Pyramid has entered several global strategic partnerships to enhance its technology, content, and distribution in key travel markets.

Travel Technology & Content Services
Elevate Your Customer Experience
& Generate Revenues Across All Your Platforms

Our Technology & Content Services will reduce your content costs and build revenue. We have the ability to integrate and distribute our content into virtually any platform or language. Works on any Website, WebMobile, Apps, WiFi, Airport or Inflight IFE/W-IFE, InRail, InHotel, InCruise platform.

The Benefits of Working Together

  • World-class, white label, cross-platform content will create a connected customer experience, drive loyalty and generate revenue
  • Turnkey, bolt-on solutions to enhance your IFE offerings, generate revenues, reduce costs + delight passengers
  • Destination & airport guides with interactive and moving maps and other engaging features
  • Movies, TV shows, games, music, podcasts available in multiple languages
  • Bespoke video content and TV programming will engage customers where they are
  • Digital magazines, newspapers & travel or business news available in multiple languages
  • Low-cost content licensing model focused on your specific routes will save you money on your content costs
  • Generate revenues beyond inflight to pre and post flight, via our platform-agnostic ad server. No-cost/revenue share model.
  • Data & analytics will help your customer come to life, offering more personalization and ways to target new customers
  • Platform and hardware agnostic, with no heavy lifting we handle worldwide customization, testing, delivery, support + maintenance

Entertainment Platforms

We offer a platform for all your needs, with 360° IFE/C expert at your finger tips. Expert in all IFE systems on the market, 
we bring customized answers to your needs, expectations and budget for your inflight services project. Thanks to our internal savvy combined with 
all the best-in-class partners in the world, you will benefit from one-stop-shop service offering, where we will take care of the most crucial elements of IFE/C from definition to daily management.

InFlight Entertainment
We offer movies, TV shows, games, music, magazines, news, interactive destination guides, moving maps, plus shopping. We also have digital media from our partner network for all traveling audiences, business, leisure, families to entertain them with a broad choice of content in multiple languages: Movies, TV Show, Games, Magazines, Moving Map, Destination Guides, Airline Corporate and Passenger Info, plus Shopping: Duty Free, Snacks, Meals, Beverages, Shopping Cart.

Hotel & InHotel Room Entertainment
We offer hotel and in guest room entertainment on screens and their smart devices. Reduce your hotel entertainment costs and Provide Over 500 Live TV channels: Movies, TV Shows, International TV, Music, Radio, News, Magazines, Destination Guides, Shopping, Interactive Program Guide, InRoom Media Sharing, Content On-Demand, Hotel Information.

Content Solutions

Destination Travel Guides & Apps
with Interactive Dynamic Maps – Hotels, Transportation & Shopping – Travel Activities & Events.

Engage travelers with an easy and informative destination guides seamlessly blended onto the map background. Passengers and travelers can explore airports, navigate terminals or city streets and investigate points of interest across the region.

  • Airport & City Guides, Live Flight & Airport Tracking
  • Works on all electronic devices: Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops
  • Works on any platform with browser, App or PDF
  • Works on any WiFi, Airport or Inflight IFE/W-IFE, InRail, InHotel, InCruise platforms

Since our content solutions architecture is modular, we have limitless ways to integrate, customize + brand our destinations guides. Our team of international writers and editors produce and maintain over 500 destinations worldwide with over 40,000+ points of interest.

Digital Success Stories – Recent Custom Projects

Travel & Business Content
Frequent Flyer Destinations Magazine, AirGuide, AirGuideBusiness, CruiseGuide content with more than 6500 news, features, special reports, reviews, advice and more. Our content is published weekly. Global Coverage: Europe, North America, Latin America & Caribbean, Africa & Middle East, Asia & Pacific.

Advertising Server Solutions

Our digital advertising server technology is a perfect solution to manage and monitor all advertising campaigns and assets, turning your Inflight IFE or Hotel Entertainment platform into a full digital media platform without the need of connectivity. Main Features:

  • Supports all advertising formats: banners, pop-ups, pre-roll videos
  • Supports landing pages and lead generation forms
  • Comprehensive targeting of age, gender, route, language, seat class etc.
  • Campaign rules: sequencing of promotional messages, repetition etc.
  • IAB Compliant (incl. VAST)
  • Enables advertisers to create campaigns in full autonomy incl. microsite design
  • Airlines, Airports or Hotels to manage their choice of advertisers/campaigns
  • Airlines, Airports or Hotels to create self-promotion campaigns

Connected Customer Experience

We are creating a truly Connected Customer Experience platform and cutting-edge technologies for today’s customer. Using our valuable passenger data, we are constantly aware of the needs of travelers, to provide them with the most appropriate, engaging technology and content for travelers to access it everywhere the are: at the airport, aircraft, hotel, train, cruise ship, in cars, at home or work.

  • Customer experience platform for the connected traveler
  • Live usage and social media activity
  • Data and analytics on customer behavior
  • Create a consistent & fully customized brand experience
  • Generate additional revenues & reduce costs
  • Build customer loyalty & optimize processes at the same time
  • Learn more about your customers to drive outstanding service
  • Benefit from an unprecedented level of control & increase customer engagement

Travel Media Network
Reach the Top Business & Leisure Travelers
Anytime, Anywhere

AirGuide Travel Media Network connects you to an affluent, influential group of business and leisure travelers from across the globe. Our digital media is available anytime, anywhere, reaching millions of global passengers yearly traveling with 20+ airlines to over 500 destinations and staying at 1000+ Hotels & Resorts, including cruises and high-speed rail lines. We provide a total travel experience in order to enhance every moment, anywhere, anytime on all platforms including online, desktop or mobile, delivering digital Display and Video advertising.

At Airlines Lounges & Inflight, InHotels
Geo-Targeting & Geo-Fencing Travelers
Social Media Network & Sponsored Content

At Airlines Lounges & Inflight: Reach a captive travel audience at the airport or inflight. Nearly everyone who spends time waiting in the airport will tap in to the WiFi, or sitting at the airline first class and business lounges.

Airline passengers inflight are reached on the seatback inflight entertainment system, or over the inflight WiFi system using their Smartphones, Pads or laptops.  This is a golden opportunity to place your brand in front of millions of users. More than 100+ airports across the globe can be used for this purpose, 1,000s of flights, with over 100 million passengers a year, increasing 5% annually.

InHotels: Guests are reached in their room’s entertainment system screen or over the WiFi around the property using their Smartphones, Pads or laptops.

Travel Magazines & Guides available at Airport Lounges, Inflight, Hotels
Many passengers will reach for something to read while trying to pass the time during a flight, or in their hotel room. Inflight travel magazines are often the material of choice. According to Arbitron, 80% of flyers reach for the in-flight magazines while on a journey, making this one of the most-effective forms of print advertising available.

Audience Profile & Distribution

Reach your audience at the right time, at the right place. Send offers + campaigns, target travelers by destination, city, airport, airline, hotel, cruise line, rail line, where they live, specific location or  targeting criteria. We provide real-time marketing with personalized ads which is proven to increase conversation rates much more than any other advertising method. Our digital media is available anytime, anywhere, reaching millions of global passengers yearly traveling with 20+ airlines to over 160 destinations and staying at 1000+ Hotels & Resorts, including cruises and high-speed rail lines.

Our Airline & Hotel Partners

Our Technology Partners

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