Hyperloop train would soon connect Dubai and Fujairah in less than 10 minutes

By |August 9th, 2016|Destinations, Rail, Region - Africa / Middle East, Technology|Comments Off on Hyperloop train would soon connect Dubai and Fujairah in less than 10 minutes

Hyperloop-train-dubaiA hyperloop train would soon connect Dubai and Fujairah in less than 10 minutes. Currently, it requires about one and half to two hours at least, for travelling to Fujairah from Dubai.

The Dubai Future Foundation announced in Aug. 2016 that it would hold a competition the following month to create the hyperloop project.

It said in a statement that the competition known as ‘Build Earth’ contest would witness global scientific cooperation to launch improved technology associated to hyperloop designs. This contest would be held in partnership with Asite.

The organizers of the contest would present a design brief to each of the participants. Thereafter, it would provide the complete details of the event along with the final projects.

Presently, over 100 participants have registered for the contest and they represent different scientific and engineering enterprises.

The final stage of the competition would make the six teams explain their project details to the evaluation judges.

Mohammed Al Gergawi, managing director and vice president, Dubai Future Foundation said that the development of advanced transportation system would effectively modify the ways in which people travel, work and deal with daily tasks. He said that this technology would result in global economic growth and that they were keen to keep themselves updated about rapid technological developments by concentrating on smart application of innovation in different fields.

He went on to add that this competition would encourage participants to think outside the box when it comes to transportation sector.

Mattar Al Tayer, chairman and director general, RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) said that Dubai has been aiming to transform 25% of the trips to autonomous mode. Autonomous mode refers to driverless mode of transport. This strategy is a joint venture of the RTA and Dubai Future Foundation.

Al Tayer also added that RTA has started trial operation of the first autonomous vehicle that would be able to carry about 10 passengers.