Modernism Gallery Presents: “Naomie Kremer: Untold”

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Seeding Plan, 2017, oil on linen 62 x 138 inches (triptych)

January 18 – March 3, 2018 

Reception for the artist Thursday, January 18th, 5:30-8pm

Modernism is pleased to present an exhibition of exciting new paintings and hybrid works by Naomie Kremer.
“Sixty years ago, abstract art as exemplified by Abstract Expressionism was the king of the artistic jungle. Today it is an endangered species. Its existence is prolonged by creative and committed artists such as Naomie Kremer, who persist in the belief that ideas transferred through the physical process of painting and drawing manifest a visible and very personal record of thinking and feeling that is worthy of the intellectual and emotional consideration of others.”
–Robert Flynn Johnson, Curator Emeritus, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Vivid with motion and color, Naomie Kremer’s imagery is based in the real world, whether it’s nature, architecture, language and letterforms, or the human figure. Her work comes from a wide range of sources and inspirations, including art history, music, poetry and literature. Kremer speaks of it using the somewhat contradictory phrase “Abstract Surrealism”. Translating her experience through the language of abstraction, she creates worlds that are more real than reality – “surreal”. She brings the work to that razor sharp edge between abstraction (e.g. De Kooning, Joan Mitchell) and nature (e.g. Monet).
Always seeking to push the boundaries of her work, Kremer will present her first 3-D hybrid, “Earthborn,” a bas-relief translation of one of her paintings, carved by a CNC machine during her artist residency at Power Art Center (PAC) in New Jersey in 2017. Exploring “Time and Materials”, which was the title of her talk at PAC, the work reflects her ongoing multi-media research in the way perception is mediated through time.
Completed in late 2017, a 40-minute experimental documentary “In the Beginning was Desire” (with NY based filmmaker David Grubin) explores the story of Adam and Eve. Kremer’s work in conceiving and creating the multiple visual directions for the entire film—from Hebrew text to animation of the Garden of Eden—has closely informed the paintings and hybrids in this exhibition, particularly the hybrid work Earthborn.
Painting continues to ground all of Kremer’s practice, generating information that reverberates through every medium she uses.
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Earthborn, bas-relief without video

Earthborn, 52” x 65” x 8”, CNC bas-relief carving + and video, 2017-18, 22-minute loop