Celebrities, CEOs and other affluent travelers are accustomed to moving about the country (and the world) in style.

Now they get to do it in private when flying in and out of Los Angeles International Airport.

LAX opened its pricey new ‘Private Suite’ terminal on Monday, offering the ultra-rich its own airport facility with exclusive door-to-door service across the tarmac, its own entrance, its own TSA security and an abundance of amenities that would make any world leader’s head spin.

Oh, and no more doing “the perp walk” in the glare of a thousand flashes from photographers. Travelers willing to pay up to $4,000 a flight—or $7,500 for an annual membership that drops the per-flight fee about a grand—can pull up to a private gate and be taken to the terminal, where they can utilize more than a dozen different suites.

According to the Associated Press, Private Suite officials estimate the typical LAX passenger takes 2,200 steps from car seat to plane seat. For those who pay for the pampering, it’s a mere 70 footsteps, according to the service.