Cruising-robotbartenders-QuantumThe Seas
Finally, a robot that does something other than building cars or computers. Cruise giant Royal Caribbean is making waves this weekend with a new bar that boasts robot bartenders, a cruise industry first.

Dubbed the Bionic Bar, the high-tech venue on the line’s new Quantum of the Seas features two drink-slinging robotic arms that mix drinks to order.

Passengers have a choice of a Bionic Bar signature recipe or a classic recipe, or you also can create your own. There are endless combinations.

Officially debuting Sunday when Quantum of the Seas sets sail on its maiden voyage, the robot bartenders take drink orders directly from passengers via tablets located around the bar. Passengers then can watch as the machines prepare the concoctions, with an occasional assist from a human. The robotic arms draw liquor from dozens of bottles hanging from above and are programmed to add just the right amount of mixers, ice and even lemons and mint.

The first robot-run bar at sea debuts as the idea of robot-served bars gains steam. Just last year a humanoid robot-served theme bar, the Robots Bar and Lounge, opened in Illmenau, Germany, and several start-up companies including Monsieur are developing more utilitarian robot bartenders for use at bars and at home.