Royal Caribbean to introduce lifeguards to all its cruise ships

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Royal CaribbeanIn an effort to improve onboard water safety, Royal Caribbean will add lifeguards to all of its cruise ships.

According to the media reports, the addition of trained lifeguards to all of the cruise line’s ships is part of Royal Caribbean’s new water safety program, which also includes safety instruction signs being company’s fleet.

Royal Caribbean will add licensed lifeguards that are trained through a partner company, StarGuard Elite. At least one lifeguard will be stationed at every pool during all open hours, and will be noticeably visible in bright red and white uniforms. All have been hired specifically as lifeguards and will not serve in any other role onboard.

In addition, Royal Caribbean will present a 15 minute water safety presentation during the Adventure Ocean open house session on embarkation day.

Royal Caribbean corporate communications manager Lyan Sierra-Caro said that pool activities are an “important aspect of the cruise vacation” and that the cruise line is doing everything in its power to make the experience as safe as possible.

Royal Caribbean officials say that while adding licensed lifeguards will make the experience of swimming on a cruise ship safer, parents and guardians are still expected to supervise their children and remain vigilant.