Saudi Arabia places a large order for the iconic London black cab

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Saudi Arabia has become the latest Middle Eastern country to place a major order for the iconic London black cab.

The kingdom’s Ujra Holding Company has ordered 200 black taxis and 200 in assorted colours, according to BBC News.

They are due to be delivered by the end of the year.

Dubai also has ordered 200 black taxis, according to the London Taxi Company, which manufactures the cars.

“We’ve got a very good business partner in the Middle East and he’s developed the London Taxi concept into Riyadh in particular,” London Taxi Company vice president Peter Johansen said.

“People prefer to use our taxis over the local taxis because they’re more comfortable and, in particular, in Saudi women are treated slightly differently from the west.

“Because our taxi provides a segregated compartment, separate from the driver, ladies in Saudi are allowed to use our taxis on their own, whereas they’re not allowed to use the local taxis.”

The company said it was also in talks with Azerbaijan.

Abu Dhabi and Bahrain also made large orders of the taxis in 2007 and 2008, respectively, as a tourism initiative, although as yet they have not put the cars on the road.