Where Your Favorites Were Filmed

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Best Pictures on Location: Where Your Favorites Were Filmed

PHOTO: A Montreal, Canada street scene. (Photo via Flickr/Pedro Szekely)

We’ve got some amazing contenders in the Academy Awards for Best Picture category this year, and they tell the most riveting stories.

Beyond those tales, these Oscar shoo-ins also take us to pretty amazing places: from golden Los Angeles that La La Land somehow turns into a whimsical city to just outside Sydney, which is transformed into the Okinawa battlefield for Hacksaw Ridge.

This year, you might consider letting your Oscar favorites inspire your travels. Step out of the movie theater and take a trip to one—or all—of these beautiful destinations where some of this year’s Best Picture nominees were filmed.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles may be the motion pictures capital of the world, but it isn’t always the first pick for shooting a movie production. In La La Land, however, it’s not only the primary filming location; it also plays a huge role. For a La La Land-inspired trip, visit such spots as the Griffith Observatory, Angels Flight, Grand Central Market, the Watts Towers, and the Colorado Street Bridge, all of which made an appearance in the movie.

Go beyond the filming locations though, as LA is the perfect city to explore and immerse in a number of diverse endeavors. Go sunning in Malibu one day, take on a hiking trail the next, and even take a plunge in its eclectic gastronomy scene.

Montreal, Quebec

Montreal is one of Canada’s most idyllic cities, which is why we should all add it to our travel list. If you’re a big fan of Oscar contender Arrival, however, you might want to tick it off your list sooner rather than later. Filming locations for the movie here include Universite de Montreal, which looks lovely tucked in all that foliage, and the very modern Place des Arts. Later, head northeast to Bas-Saint-Laurent.

Back in Montreal, remember to visit the Gothic Revival Notre-Dame Basilica, Old Montreal, Pointe-a-Calliere Museum and Saint Joseph’s Oratory, and if you’re traveling with mini humans, you might want to pop into La Ronde.

Kolkata, India

Forget overcrowded New Delhi and the Taj Mahal. Fans of the profound Lion, which stars British actor Dev Patel, might prefer visiting the city of Kolkata a little over 700 miles east. It is, after all, where some of the scenes from the movie were filmed. More importantly, it boasts beautiful colonial architecture as well as plays host to a number of art galleries and cultural festivals.

Visit Howrah Station not only because it was featured in the movie, but also because it’s the oldest station in the country. Take your Lion expedition further and head to the Land Down Under, which also has its share of filming spots including Mount Wellington, Cap Huay, and Bruny Island.

Sydney, Australia

Speaking of Australia, Hacksaw Ridge may be set in Okinawa, but it was filmed entirely in Australia—particularly, in and around New South Wales and its capital of Sydney. Among the movie’s filming locations worthy of a stop are the historic town of Richmond, Centennial Park Cemetery, and the Southern Highlands. Also stop by the Newington Armory, which is located at the Sydney Olympic Park.

Of course, while you’re in Sydney, don’t miss out on its most famous attractions. These include the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach, the Royal Botanic Garden and St. Mary’s Cathedral.

Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts

Even Manchester by the Sea’s heavy drama cannot distract us from its idyllic setting. The Oscar nominee was filmed all over the idyllic state of Massachusetts’ North Shore region. Among its many filming locations is its namesake, Manchester-by-the-Sea. The small town is known for its adorable coves, a pretty beach named Singing Beach, and a lovely downtown. It makes for a quiet weekend getaway destination.

If you have more time, drive out to the resort city of Beverly, the fishing city of Gloucester, and the historic city of Salem, which is not only famous for its witch trials but is also as the setting for Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. http://www.travelpulse.com/